Extreme OG, most commonly known as “Extreme,” is an indica-dominant strain bred by Exotic Genetix to be extremely potent yet functional in order to keep the user from falling victim to an unbreakable couch lock. By crossing Fire OG and Green Ribbon, breeders have managed to keep the energetic properties of the grandparent strain, Green Crack, while giving the bud a mellowness from the indica genes.

The hard-hitting effects of the strain come mainly through its extraordinarily high THC levels that average around 28% and its CBD of 1% or greater in most cases. They barrel into you with a no holds barred attitude, and though they have a sweet lemony flavor, don’t let that fool you into thinking that these are in any way sweet or forgiving.

The palate is rich with lemon, and somehow very full of earthiness and pine. The aromas are quite pungent and tangy especially when broken apart. Extreme OG buds are small and tight with amber hairs and a thick coating of chunky white trichomes that offset the deep forest green color of the nugs. The Extreme OG high, as mentioned before, is a steamroller of effects.

It comes through with very little mind to what is in its way, crashing into you with a cerebral rush and a wave of tingles that overtake your body. Though you’ll be feeling alert and focused, you’ll be struck with phases of lethargy and laziness that won’t necessarily let you get anything done. For the duration of this heavy body high your mind will stay wide-awake and somewhat creative, so if you have a low-key project this may be a good time to finish it. Because the effects are really heavy, this strain is recommended for long-time smokers only, especially if you plan on using it medicinally.


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