Sour Power OG is the result of a collaboration between Karma Genetics and Hortilab seed bank. It’s a pedigree hybrid that combines Sour Power, winner of various Cannabis Cups, and Biker Kush, a descendant of the famous Hells Angel OG.

Now available at AlchimiaWeb as regular seeds. This union between two true champions has created a plant that is easy to grow, showing a hybrid vigour that allows it to produce heavy crops of premium quality herb. Sour Power OG requires 9 to 11 weeks of flowering to express itself fully, finishing laden with firm, fat and highly resinous buds which will delight smokers, hash makers and cannabis resin extractors with its heavy trichome production.

A medium-sized plant, it adapts well to different growing techniques, but will reach its full aromatic and flavour potential in organic cultivation, revealing an intense OG lemon/pine cleaner aroma combining sour notes on a diesel/fuel bottom. Be sure to take cuttings from your Sour Power OG plants before flowering them, that way you’ll be able to keep a mother plant of your favourite selection from these top-quality genetics.


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